Bathroom Renovators in Portland, Oregon

A bathroom refresh is one of the most satisfying renovations you can do for your home. New tile and bathroom fixtures feel clean and fresh. Or, if your bathroom is quite dated, a whole bathroom makeover is another way to get an updated look.

Bathroom Renovation Services Offered in Portland, Oregon

We are proud to offer the following bathroom renovation services in the Portland, OR metro area.

Full Gut Renovation

If outdated tile, worn out grout, and mildewy fixtures are getting you down you may consider a full gut renovation for your bathroom. If you want to redesign the layout as well, this is the way to go. We handle the whole process for you – from plumbing to window replacement to retiling. We will do it all! 

Fixture Remodel

Less intensive than a gut renovation, remodeling your fixtures is another way to refresh your bathroom’s look. We assist with replacing vanities, sinks, shower doors, and toilets. We will haul away your old fixtures and perfectly install new ones for a cosmetic upgrade.

Custom Shower Pans

A shower pan is the base of the shower that has the drain and the floor (once it’s finished). A shower pan needs to have precise grading so the water flows into the drain. We create custom shower pans for your bathroom renovations in Portland, Oregon, and make sure that the shower pan is up to code with your local county requirements.

Tile Installation

We help you choose the right tile for your bathroom, both for the floors and the windows. Once you have your dream tile selected, we will work with you to professionally install the tile so you have the bathroom of your dreams.


Our general contractor will use a trusted subcontractor for your bathroom plumbing needs. Whether you want to change the location of a sink, shower, or tub, or your pipes need to be redone, there is likely going to be some plumbing work involved in any bathroom renovations. The goal is to get you your dream bathroom while also complying with local permitting laws, which is why it is important to use licensed personnel.


If you want to move a light in your bathroom, or the vanity is going to a new location, you will need help in the electrical department when you are working on your bathroom remodel.


Mechanical issues that arise during bathroom remodels include placement of bathroom fans and venting systems that are installed properly and also comply with local permitting laws. While this may seem like a DIY project, it’s best to let a licensed professional deal with mechanical related tasks for bathroom remodels.

Heated Floors

Heated floor installation in Portland, Oregon is a luxury that many homeowners enjoy, thanks to the cold dreary winters that Portlanders experience. Heated floors are best done when you are doing a full bathroom remodel or renovation because they require removing old tile. We handle all aspects of your heated floor installation needs.


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