Outdoor lighting and low voltage lighting setup

Whether you are looking for a new lighting system, want to update an old DIY project, or need a completely new setup, we have you covered. 

Residential Landscape Lighting Services for Portland, Oregon 

Mapping and Strategical approach

When we arrive on-site, we will map out any structural or landscape designs that we need to take into factor with your outdoor lighting. This process is usually completed during our free estimate for any job we do.

Confirming the Wiring and Low Voltage setup

When we are scoping the work, we will inform the customer of the safety guidelines we follow. We will also discuss the types of wiring and lighting you are wanting to have established.

  • Switch off the main power at the consumer unit/fuse box. Isolate the circuit you plan to work on by removing the circuit fuse. Put this in your pocket to avoid accidental replacement.
  • Or switch off the breaker and lock it if you can.
  • Attach a note to the unit to advise you are working on the circuit.
  • Check the circuit is dead with a socket tester or voltage tester/meter for lighting circuits.

Troubleshooting & Running test Diagnostics

The lights are fed by a 12-volt transformer, which you should plug into a convenient socket indoors or in your shed or garage, as you need to protect it from the weather. The cable size depends on the circuit length and load. You can pass it through a hole that you drill in the wall and line with conduit, or a hole in a door or window frame.

  • The cores of three-core SWA are coloured brown, black and grey, and you must fit green/yellow sleeving over the black core at every connection to show this is being used as earth.
  • You should bury SWA, as if you accidentally cut through it could be fatal. 

Clean up and leave it better than how we found it

After everything is installed and you are happy with the outcome, we will clean up any footprint that we left on the job site. We recycle any goods or products that are recyclable and any other goods will be hauled away from the premises. We thoroughly conduct a walkthrough of the completed project to make sure we did not miss anything or leave any debris around the job.

Featured Projects

Here is a video showcasing a basic installation of wiring and low voltage outdoor lighting setup for a home in Portland, Oregon.

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We keep in constant communication, work to be the least intrusive as possible – no matter the project size – and respect you and your neighbors’ privacy throughout the entire process.

We’ll handle all details with contractors and subcontractors, inspectors and anyone else who needs to lend a specialty hand in the project. Our skilled laborers are team players ready to make your project their No. 1 priority.

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